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As an Electronic Commerce Agency specialized in the development of virtual stores, we combine effective strategies that help your virtual store to be dynamic and attractive, without losing its functionality; Where you can see results immediately. We develop websites that DO SELL!




These are some of the latest web page designs that we have made for different needs and businesses. Get to know our work and imagine your company with a modern and striking website like that of our clients.

We accompany you throughout the process of creating and expanding your online business.

Frequent questions

At Digitized our online store deliveries have fast delivery times. From 1 to 2 weeks you can have your website with an online store or e-commerce designed, revised and published on the internet. The faster you deliver your texts, content and ideas to us, the faster we can deliver your website to you.

Of course, at Digitized we train you so that you can manage your online store from start to finish. You can add products, create new categories, add variations to your products and much more. 

we can create E-Commerce platforms for you to sell your products in an online store easily and efficiently. In addition, we can implement any payment platform such as PayU, PSE, Mercadopagos, Epayco, Wompi or any other payment platform online that is of your preference so that you can sell your products online and you can receive secure online payments on your website. We do not charge for intermediating sales, we only adjust to the payment company that you want to implement and we will give you all the technological tools to make sales on your website.

To appear first in Google or other search engines without paying, it is necessary to achieve organic positioning through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are robots that qualify and give importance values to the website, our goal is to attract these robots and start accumulating good ratings that make your website appear higher and higher in Google. For this, we take care of making optimized, compatible designs, with all the organization elements, keywords, and tools that can speed up this process to see faster results. Through the relationship of other pages, and social networks, you can redirect traffic to your page that also helps to increase the ranking in search engines. If you want more information about online store positioning, do not hesitate to contact one of our Digitaliced advisors.

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