In this section you can find the measures we take to ensure your security, that of your data, and thus strengthen the quality throughout all our services, programs and activities. The confidence and security you need.

Personal Data Processing Policies

In our Manual we explain our data processing policies, information security, your rights, our duties, communication channels, and applicable procedures for the authorization, treatment and transfer of data.

Terms and Conditions of Services

Once the contract is signed, the client is accepting all the terms, payments, terms and conditions established in the following items:

Execution Times:

The following maximum delivery times will be handled: a) Web Design: The client will have five (5) business days from the signing of this contract to deliver the necessary information for the package designs and the development of the web page such as texts, structure, images, content, objectives and expectations, among other valuable data. After such complete delivery, Digitized will submit the initial design for review within a period not exceeding five (5) business days. Subsequently, the contracting party will have three (3) business days to review and suggest the design or content changes that it deems necessary, which must be made by Digitized in another three (3) business days. If feedback is not received from the client within the stipulated period, the designs will be considered approved. b) Web Changes and Updates: The frequency with which changes and/or updates can be made to the page depends on the chosen Web Maintenance Plan. The client may request the changes that are necessary at any time during the period corresponding to their plan, for which Digitized will have three (3) business days to make and publish the changes, from the formal request and delivery of the complete information. (texts, images, multimedia, structuring, and/or instructions) to make the changes. In all cases, the term is extendable or may be shortened by mutual agreement between the parties. c) Branding: Within the first fifteen (15) business days of the contract, the client must deliver all the information, forms and requirements requested by Digitized, necessary for the structuring and/or analysis of the brand. Based on this information, Digitized will deliver the Brand Identity and/or Brand Expression content according to the chosen plan, within the following fifteen (15) business days. After this, the Image Manual will be delivered within ten (10) business days after the client's acceptance of the applicable Identity and/or Brand Expression proposal. The Brand Perception and Positioning reports will be delivered within the established deadlines according to the contracted plan. Basic and advanced graphic designs and videos may be requested at any time during the term of the contract. It is recommended to agree on a schedule after the delivery of the image manual to keep a better order and that the deliveries are aligned with the image, identity and expression of the accepted brand. d) Social Networks: The frequency with which the publications will be made depends on the chosen Social Network Management Plan. Digitized will send by email the publication proposals as appropriate each week with the image, message, strategy and/or comments corresponding to the publications, for which the client will have two (2) business days to request changes, modifications or approve the content. to post. In case of not receiving a response from the client within said time, silence will be understood as total approval of the execution deadlines, conditions, technical qualities and presentation of the service.

Changes and Updates within the Web Maintenance Plan:

The maintenance plan includes changes and updates of content on the website in terms of text, images, structure, design, multimedia, emails and other information. The addition of hosting capacity, web forms, number of pages or corporate emails that exceed the limit amount established in the Design Plan are not part of the Web Maintenance Plan. Additional services may be purchased for an additional value within the website according to the Design Plan contracted. In case of requiring any service that cannot be purchased with the current plan, the upgrade to a higher plan must be requested and the service to be contracted must also be canceled in accordance with the current Price List.

Publications within the Social Network Management Plan:

The Social Network Management Plan includes the publication of content in terms of text, images, structuring, design, and/or multimedia, according to the Content Strategy carried out jointly between Digitized and the client, which will be done in the frequencies indicated according to the contracted plan. In the definition of the Content Strategy, the client must make their needs, expectations and objectives clear, indicate the topics and/or categories of future publications in the corresponding period, and provide the information and/or materials necessary for the design of the publications. The invention or creation by Digitized of material such as texts, summaries, speeches, photography services, or the creation of audiovisual material outside the content strategy are not part of the Social Network Management Plan. On the other hand, each plan lists the guaranteed growth of new followers each month through paid advertising. In case of requiring further growth, promoting a particular publication, promoting the business in the area or directing more visits to the web page from social networks, the additional cost of the advertisement on social networks must be paid according to the need, budget, and current Price List value. If the frequency of the current Network Management Plan needs to be extended to have more publications per week, the upgrade to a higher plan must be requested and the service to be contracted must also be canceled according to the current Price List.


Client unconditionally warrants that all text elements, graphics, photos, designs and trademarks submitted to Digitized for inclusion in this project are their property or that Client has written permission from their owners to make use of them, leaving Digitized free of any liability or claim by their owners. In case of requiring images, illustrations, animations, and/or any other graphic element, this may be supplied using Digitized's own files, free use files under public licenses, or producing the required pieces, in which case they will be charged as additional to the this contract. All web projects will carry in writing the credits that correspond to Digitized as their designers with a link to their web page. Digitized will have the right to keep a copy of all project designs to be displayed as a sample of its services and to be included in its portfolio. Digitized unconditionally retains its intellectual property rights, including invention rights and copyrights on the contracted design, the submitted sketches and all photographs taken specifically to include on the website or social networks. Any improper or unauthorized use of Digitized's intellectual property material by the client may be subject to controversy.

Web hosting service:

The hosting or lodging for the web page consists of a space on the hard drive of a server connected to the Internet network, whose purpose is to host a set of files that make up the client's web page. Through an assigned IP address, said information can be accessed through a name (domain) through the Internet network. For the administration of the web page, Digitized will keep for itself the access to the control panel and tools, as well as the users and passwords for the publication and subsequent maintenance of the web page. For reasons of security, protection of information and web content, and ensuring the correct technical management of the website, these data will not be delivered to third parties or the client while the Web Maintenance Plan remains in force. Digitized reserves the right to change the provider of the hosting service immediately in the event of changes in current legislation that prevent the provision of this. The client agrees that he will defend, protect and hold Digitized harmless in the event of any lawsuit, charges, losses, claims or responsibilities to which the client may be subject due to non-compliance in the services or products that the latter offers on the Internet. Digitized will assign the necessary email account(s) according to the client's needs and the limits established in the chosen plan. Additionally, you can delete from the server the e-mails that have already been downloaded and read after 14 days, when for maintenance tasks it is necessary to evict and release both the space load on the disks, or when you need to optimize the performance of the email servers post. Therefore, it is the client's obligation to update and continuously support their electronic mailboxes. Digitized is not responsible for the information contained in these mailboxes, nor is it responsible for damages generated at this point. Additionally, Digitized will be able to block the account or accounts that are constantly saturated and/or without maintenance by the client.

Not allowed content:

This includes: a) "Spamming" (sending unsolicited emails); "Spoofing" (Deception. Use of an invalid or non-existent response email so that it cannot be identified); generate a higher mailing volume than a normal user (20% or more of the resources available for bandwidth) and subscribe other people to a mailing list without their permission. b) Abuse of the legal rights of other users. An example of non-accepted client activity is the publication of personal information without the consent of said person, infringement of intellectual property rights, defamation of persons or businesses, codes or programs that cause damage or deterioration in third-party computers. Digitized allows free communication on the Internet and will not suspend or terminate the website simply because a customer dislikes it and expresses it directly. When there are claims or disputes between clients for violation of the legal rights of a third person, Digitized will not substitute or assume any responsibility before the laws or a court, in case of any lawsuit. c) Abuses of the law. Digitized services must be used, within the terms of this. The following illegalities are included but not limited to: Trading or trafficking in illegal drugs; posting propaganda by outlaw groups, breaking into an operating system without permission, hacking, smuggling, fraud schemes; traffic in obscene or indecent material with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass another person; physical threats that injure or harm individuals or groups; violation of export laws; snares; or violation of the laws of other states or countries; acts of computer fraud or abuse, or acts of economic espionage. Links from the website to other pages with prohibited material. d) Abuse of server resources. The execution of programs not allowed on the servers behind the back of Digitized without prior written authorization, such as robots, for example. e) Hacking/cracking: Digitized reserves the right to report any illegal activity to the administrative or judicial authorities related to this type of activity.